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2017 - 2021

Executive Pastor

Compass Church

Goodyear, AZ

  • Developed and implemented systems and strategies for on-boarding, training, and scaling over 200 volunteers across departments

  • Defined preaching team guidelines and culture

  • Improved the church’s finance, staff, human resource and policies, facilities, small groups, missions, systems, church-wide events, and administration of the overall church through collaboration and curating cutting-edge practices

  • Built a culture of trust, feedback, and a desire to improve amongst staff and trickled into departments and volunteer teams

  • Created a system for accurate budget projection and management.

  • Developed relationships with missionaries, local non-profits and municipalities, denominational support, and local church networks

  • Implemented technology and shifted culture for improved meeting efficiency, staff development, database, giving, and reporting

  • Led through a significant leadership transition coinciding with Covid-19 and a tumultuous political landscape with clarity, collaboration, innovation, and authenticity, that not only maintained but grew the giving, leadership engagement, and attendance

2010 - 2017

Worship Pastor

Compass Church

Goodyear, AZ

  • Grew the worship department from a single person and a handful of volunteers to multiple staff and forty-plus volunteers

  • Created and implemented live-stream services and the systems for quality management through expert volunteers through collaborative brainstorming, support, vision casting, and removing obstacles

  • Led teams for the oversight of all the program elements, volunteers, scheduling, and the organization of the Live Sunday morning experience using Planning Center Online

  • Cultivated a culture of authenticity, faithfulness, and collaboration amongst artists and creatives.

  • Created rhythms of accountability, debriefing, and vision casting for the continual improvements of the worship department

2003 - 2010

Associate Pastor

Phoenix Light & Life Church

Phoenix, AZ

  • Led student ministries, worship ministry, college and career (young adult) ministry, pulpit supply, and supported the senior pastor in developing the overall vision and direction of the church

  • Organized and executed short-term mission trips and camps with the collaboration of other organizations and church networks

  • Created a Sunday night worship experience that collaborated with multiple churches across multiple denominations that utilized different guest speakers and numerous volunteer teams each week

2006 - 2007

Director of Operations

Nooma DBA Bldg. Works USA

Led the operations, staff training, franchisee support, franchise management, in-house account crews, operations staff, and all customer support and quality control of Arizona and California territories





Bachelor of Arts, Christian Ministries

Phoenix, AZ


Berklee College of Music

Master Guitar Certificate


Prominent Skills

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Leadership Multiplication and development

Preaching and teaching

Vision Casting 

Leadership Assessments

Core Values Index:
Builder (24), Merchant (18), Innovator (18), Banker (12)

Strength Finders:
Arranger, Connectedness, Input, Restorative, Intellection