I love to preach. When I approach the word of God, I think of myself as an archeological digger or a pirate with a shovel standing right at the "X" of the map. I know there is a genuinely priceless treasure, and it's only a matter of relentless digging until I unearth it. I love digging, but that's just my love of studying and learning, and that's only part of the preaching process. I love the privilege of communicating God's word because it challenges the hearers and me to live more godly.
The ultimate aim of scripture is worship.

It's a Wonderful Life

Pastor Gable Legaspi

This sermon looks at Philippians 2:1-11 and the Christmas classic: It's a Wonderful Life. Let's explore the biblical virtues of humility and sacrifice and how a life spent on others is indeed a wonderful one: it makes you rich. It brings adventure. And it causes you to find joy in the broken and the withering.

The Peace We Seek

Pastor Gable Legaspi

This sermon is on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15.
The story we are living out isn’t, for the most part, the solo hero’s tale: You’re not John Rambo or John Wick. It’s a collaborative Epic. The cast is much larger, and the main character isn’t us, but rather Jesus. When we live out the gospel, it’s not just about how we handle ourselves as individuals, but how we live it out in the community, treat each other, love each other, and have an adventure together as we pursue Jesus.

The Spirit We Possess

Pastor Gable Legaspi

This sermon looks at 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22.

Something I do when reading scripture is when I come across absolute verbiage or all-inclusive language; I like to play a little game called, "is it literal or hyperbolic"…. Does "always" really mean "always"? Sometimes, the word is always used in a literal sense, comforting to me, like when it's used concerning God's providence. But sometimes, the term "always," used literally, is troubling to me, like when it refers to how I am required to act "always" as a follower of Jesus. Ultimately, the Spirit we possess allows us and calls us to always be joyful, prayerful, and full of gratitude.


Preaching Values